blu_line, the luxury kitchen brand of the group, services a very niche segment of the market. specialising in kitchen architecture, blu_line is continually pushing to discover more, risk more and create more.

focused on creating products for the kitchen first and then the whole home, the product offering is grounded in touch materials and architectural form, with in-house technology enhancing the overall dynamic experience. blu_line can be experienced in their cape town and johannesburg flagship showrooms.

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nuuma is our premium kitchen brand, servicing the wider high-end segment of the market, bringing a new kitchen culture that is focused on offering an experience of sophistication and understated style.

the nuuma brand takes its roots from refined simplicity and this is where the name was forged, taking inspiration from interior minimalism. nuuma is a south african born brand ensuring a customised design offering and distinct aesthetic. with showrooms in johannesburg and cape town, the brand is presented as a leader of refined modern kitchens.

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OCD | systems

OCD systems is a white label manufacturing company. their focus is on working closely with developers and architects to create their own in-house cabinetry range, while offering brand association or promoting the brand of the respective development.

the ocd team will develop a customised cabinetry range, using the latest industry 4.0 technologies to facilitate batch size one manufacturing at scale, while meeting the overall budget as well as timeline requirements. 

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